Anthony "Tony" Zucco was a mobster who ran a racket in Gotham City, in which he would offer "protection" from dangerous life to various preforming acts. In truth, however the ring was merely protection from the damage that Zucco would otherwise inflict. When Haley's Circus visited Gotham Zucco attempted to get the owner Mr. Haley to pay him for protection. When Mr. Haley refused Zucco told him that he would be sorry. During the next preformance Zucco dressed as a circus worker and sabotaged the trapeze act. John and Mary Grayson fell to their death whil their son Dick Grayson watched. Bruce Wayne took Dick in and began a savage hunt for Zucco. Knowing this Zucco laid low and stayed with his uncle, Arnold Stromwell. When Batman did find Zucco he had to let him go in order to save Dick Grayson. Years later when Batman and Robin broke up a sabotage ring Batman discovered that thier boss was Tony Zucco. Aware of the conection Batman ordered Robin to stay out of the investigation. However Robin wasted little time in finding out who Zucco was and startred to hunt him. Batman found him first and took out his men. However when it was time to face Zucco, Robin showed up and draged him across the peir. Prepared to take his revenge Batman protested. Robin argued at first but turned Zucco over to the police when he remembered what happened to Bruce's parents.    


Thomas F. Wilson the voice of Tony Zucco

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