Thomas Wayne

Thomas and Martha Wayne were the parents of Bruce Wayne. As a young man Thomas Wayne started Wayne Enterprises. Soon after his wife Martha had their son Bruce Wayne. For eight years the three of them led a happy life. then one night while walking home from the theater the Waynes were approached by a theif. When the theif tried to steal Martha's necklace Thomas tried to stop him and was shot dead. Martha then let out a loud scream and the gunman shot her to. That night their son promised to avenge his parents death. When Batman first met the Scarecrow he was exposed to his Fear Gas and started to see his father who would tell Bruce he was shaming the family name. Bruce was able to over come this. And once when Batman was captured by the Mad Hatter he was brain washed into believing his parents were still alive and he was no longer Batman.  

Martha Wayne


An older Martha Wayne from Batman's dreams


Richard Moll the voice of Thomas Wayne


Kevin Conroy also voiced Thomas Wayne


Adrienne Barbeau the voice of Martha Wayne