The Gray Ghost was the hero of a self titled action adventure show. He was played by actor Simon Trent. The Gray Ghost was a hero to a young Bruce Wayne who would watch the show with his father Thomas Wayne. After the show was canceled Trent became a type cast and could no longer get television or movie roles. Decades later Trent was a washed up actor. Unable to pay his rent he slowley sold his Gray Ghost memorabilia to cover the bills. Trent became angery at the way his life was and destroyed the few pieces of his Gray Ghost collection he had left. During that time Batman was investigating a bomber who copied an episode of The Gray Ghost called The Mad Bomber. Trent at first refused to help but changed his mind. When Batman was about to be killed by a toy car bomber he was saved by Trent who was dressed as the gray Ghost. Batman later took the Gray Ghost to the Batcave and Gray Ghost noticed that the Batcave was modeled after the Gray Ghost lair. After seeing Batman's personal collection of Gray Ghost memorabilia he realized that playing Gray Ghost wasn't all for nothing and was glad that he was a positive influence. Gray Ghost even helped Batman bring down the Mad Bomber. Later a major video release of the long lost Gray Ghost television series restarting the Gray Ghost's popularity and making Simon Trent rich. During a public video signing (in costume) Bruce Wayne acquired Trent's autograph and subtly revealed to his hero his own secret identity as Batman, which pleased Trent to no end.                                                           

Simon Trent


A young Simon Trent


Adam West the voice of the Gray Ghost

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