Talia from Batman : The Animated Series

Talia al Ghul (لإشمهش شم لأاعم in Arabic, translated to Lamb of the 

Talia from Superman : The Animated Series


Talia from Batman Beyond

Demon) was the daughter of Rā's al Ghūl. She was also one of the most loyal members of the Society of Shadows. Her mother's name, early life and training are never revealed. When Vertigo, a former member of the society, went rouge Rā's sent Talia to deal with him. During this time Talia met Batman. Together they stoped Vertigo's plan. During their first meeting Batman was knocked out and Talia removed his mask to clean his wounds. After seeing Batman's face she reported to her father and they discovered that Batman and Bruce Wayne were the same person. Sometime later Rā's appeared to Batman in the Batcave and told Batman that Talia and Robin had been kinapped. This turned out to be a ruse. Talia wanted to meet Batman so that she could marry him but he refused. After Batman stopped Rā's from destroying mankind he attempted to arrest him but Talia held Batman at gunpoint and took her father. Talia was constantly torn between her love for her father and her love for Batman. However, in the year 2009 Rā's almost destroyed the world. Talia ended up siding with Batman and the two worked together to stop Rā's. This event became known as the Near-Apocalypse of '09. After Rā's al Ghūl's death Talia took control of the Society of Shadows and put her father's money to good use, mainley projects to improve the enviorment. In the 2040's Talia appeared to an elderly Bruce Wayne and offered to use the Lazurus Pits to make Bruce young again. Bruce agreed to use the Lazurus Pit but soon learned that Rā's had placed his mind in Talia's body and killed his own daughter. Talia's body was destroyed after Rā's al Ghūl's lair exploded.    

Helen Slater the first actress to play Talia


Olivia Hussey the second actress to voice Talia

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