Sidney Debris, known in the criminal underworld as "Sid the

Matt Frewer the voice of Sidney Debris

Squid" was a low level criminal employed by Rupert Thorne. Sidney was a bumbling little man who always seemed to screw up all his attempts at crime. Sidney always wanted to make a name for himself in the mob and he got a chance when he was contacted by Eddie G. to be a lookout for a heist. However, Sidney didn't know that he was only brought along as bait for Batman. While the others got away Batman cornered Sidney. After a brief fight Sidney's bumbling accidently caused an explosion and Batman was believed to have died. After this Sidney became known as "the man who killed Batman" and "the toughest guy in Gothem." These titles got Sidney into lots of trouble because every criminal thought that if they killed Sidney they would become the toughest guy in Gotham. Sidney eventually met the Joker who congratulated him for doing the "impossible." However, to make sure that Batman was really dead Joker planed a heist. When Batman did not show up the Clown Prince of Crime began to feel sorrow for Batman's death. Joker then held a funeral for his fallen enemy. Joker then blamed Sidney for Batman's death and became angery at him. Joker then stuck Sidney into a box and sent into a vat of acid. However, Sidney found himself on dry land believing the box had been sucked into a drain pipe. Sidney then went to Rupert Thorne to see if he could get him out of town. Rupert Thorne began to think that Sidney wanted to gain control of his drug operation and tried to kill him. Batman, then barged in and saved Sidney. Batman then explained to Sidney that he swung away before the explosion and that he was the one who saved him from the acid. Sidney was then sent to prison. In prison Sidney became the big shot he always wanted to be and the inmates cheered him for nearly killing Batman, making a fool of the Joker and setting up Thorne. Sidney was glad to be a "big shot at last." 

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