Nothing To Fear

Episode title card

Season 1 Episode 3                                                                                                                                    As the episode begins Dr.Long the dean of Gotham University is geeting into an elevator and he is followed by Bruce Wayne and Summer Gleeson. When Dr. Long turns to Bruce he says that when his father Thomas Wayne was alive Wayne was a name that demanded great respect and now all Wayne stands for is a selfcentered, jetsetting playboy and that Thomas Wayne would have died of shame because of what Bruce has done to the family name. In a room with the university's vault the Scarecrow and his henchmen break in and he tells them to take as much money as they can and to burn the rest. The men working for him did not understand why so the Scarecrow told this was not about money it was about revenge. Batman then arrives and Scarecrow tries to use his fear gas on him but he is wearing a gas mask. However, Scarecrow shoots Batman with a dart filled with fear gas. Batman gets dizzy and ripps off a piece of Scarecrows mask , Scarecrow then sets the vault on fire and gets away. The fear gas starts to take effect and Batman sees his father Thomas Wayne telling him he has shamed the family name. Batman then passes out. A few minutes later Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock arrive. When Bullock sees that Batman has evidence he tries to get it from him but Batman disappears. In the Batcave, Bruce starts to run tests on the Scarecrows mask. At that moment Alfred walks into the Batcave. Bruce mentions the visions he had where his father told him he was disgrace then Alfred replies by saying his father would be very proud of him. Later Scarecrow robbs a fundraiser for the university using his fear gas. Dr. Long tries to keep Scarecrow from getting the the money but Scarecrow uses his fear gas on Dr. Long and Dr. Long sees his skin turn to bone. As Batman arrives he chases Scarecrow to the roof of the university and climbs onto the outside of his blimp. Batman sees his father once more but is able to over come the effects of the fear gas. Batman forces the blimp down but Scarecrow gets away. Batman is able to use that piece of Scarecrows mask to track him to his hide out. Inside the hideout Scarecrow is exposed to his fear gas and sees batman as a giant monster bat then he is taken to the police. At the end of the episode Bruce places flowers on his parents grave.


Scarecrows Origin00:34

Scarecrows Origin

I Am Batman00:26

I Am Batman

Scaring Scarecrow01:13

Scaring Scarecrow

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