Carl Fowler was a professional actor, until he was arrested for petty larceny. When he got out he used his acting skills to become a fake psychic named Nostromos and started a cult. However the cult was just a cover so he could steal the money of its high society members. The visions that Nostromos had about death and destruction were fake and only came true because his assistant Lucas made them come true. When he earned the trust of Gotham's eliet he tricked them into believing he had a vision about a great economic collapse called the Graet Fall. Each member donated several thousand dollars each to put in a trust to help rebuild society after the Great Fall. However the truth was that Nostromos was planing to steal the money. Bruce Wayne became worrird about his friend Ethan Clark and became a member of the cult in order to prove Nostromos was a fake. At Bruce's first meeting with the Brotherhood, Nostromos could tell Bruce didn't believe in his "powers" and predicted his death. Later while in the elevator at Wayne Enterprises, Lucas poured acid on the elevator cables and the elevator fell. However Bruce was able to save himself. Nostromos believed that Bruce's survival would cause his followers to lose faith in him, however Bruce Wayne then went to Nostromos and pretended that he now believed in his power. Later Nostromos warned Ethan that the Great Fall was near and ordered him to convert the brotherhoods fund into gold bullion. Ethan at first rejected but then signed the paper when he saw that Nostromos had his daughter held hostage. Then Batman arrived and saved Lisa and cought Nostromos and Carl and turned them over to the police. The money was then returned to the eliet.


Michael Des Barres the voice of Nostromos

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