Lisa Clark tied to the Mars model in a planetarium


Heather Locklear the voice of Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark was the daughter of Ethan Clark and a possible girlfriend of Bruce Wayne. Lisa disliked her fathers trust in Nostromos and tried to make him quit the Brotherhood. Lisa even confided in Bruce that she believed Nostromos made all the bad things he predicted come true. When Bruce joined the brotherhood to go undercover Lisa believed she had lost both her father and Bruce to Nostromo's cult. She became so upset she broke into the brotherhoods base and tried to reveal Nostromos as a charlatan. During this time Lis was cought by Lucas who was Nostromos brother and tied her to a modle of Mars in a planetarium. When Ethan came to talk to Nostromos, Nostromos threatened to kill Lisa unless Ethan converted the brotherhoods funds to gold bullion. Fearing for his daughters life Ethan signes the paper. The planets in the planetarium started to spin out of control and Batman got her off the Mars model before it could crash into the other planets and kill her. After Nostromos was arrested Lisa was relieved that her father and Bruce were back to their senses.  

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