Koonak was a young boy that Mister Freeze took care of after

Rahi Azizi the voice of Koonak

 his parents died. Freeze took care of him while he was living in the North Pole and later when they went back to Gotham. After Mister Freeze kidnapped Barbara Gordon, Koonak took care of her. Freeze promised Koonak that he would not harm Barbara. However, when he saw that Freeze and Belson were about to kill her, Koonak, defied Freeze and helped Barbara get away. When the oilrig they were hiding on cought on fire Barbara and Batman saved him. As they got away in the Batwing, Koonak looked at the oilrig and became sad because he thought that his surrogate father, Mister Freeze, had died. However, unknown to Koonak, Freeze had survived.      

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