Jimmy Peake was a gangster in Gotham City involved in an

Brian George the voice of Jazzman

illegal smuggling operation six years ago. When Lieutenant James Gordon busted Peake, Peake swore sevenge. Six years later Peake, now called the Jazzman, started a drug sale to lure the police into a trap. However, this turned out to be a trap. Jazzman's real plan was to lure the police into a trap and get his revenge on Gordon. When Batman arrived Jazzman was arrested, but he saw that before Jazzman's arrest he was able to shoot and severly wound Commissioner Gordon. Jazzman was then taken to Stonegate Penitentiary to await his trial. Jazzman knew that the police had enough evidence against him and that he would not go to trial. He believed that he would be given the death penalty without going to court. Jazzman escaped Stonegate and instead of fleeing he went to the hospital to kill Gordon. Fortunately, Batman arrived and a fight ensued. Batman threw Jazzman through a window and into Gordon's room. Jazzman was about to shoot Gordon but Batman threw a Batarang into the guns barrel and it exploded in his hand when Jazzman fired it. Harvey Bullock arrived and immediately arrested Jazzman.  

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