Dr. Bartholomew from Batman : The Animated Series


Dr. Bartholomews brief cameo from The New Batman Adventures episode Mad Love

Dr. Bartholomew was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. He was assigned to Batman after he had crashed the Batmoblie outside of Arkham's gates. Believing Batman was delusional Bartholomew tried to cure him. What Bartholomew didn't know and later found out, was that Batman was telling the truth that Scarecrow had escaped and was planning to poison Gotham's water supply with his fear toxin. Bartholomew would later set up a review hearing about the Arkham security chief Lyle Bolton. After Bolton was fired for abusing the inmates he kiddnapped Bartholomew claiming he coddled the inmates at Arkham. He was later rescued by Batman.


Richard Dysart the voice of Dr. Bartholomew

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