The DC Comics Media Wiki is a guide to the movies and television shows based on the popular DC Comics heroes and villains.

This wiki covers all movies and television shows made by DC Comics
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Super Friends Intro 1973-101:01

Super Friends Intro 1973-1

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Batman TAS Intro01:04

Batman TAS Intro

Justice League Unlimited Intro (1080p HD)-001:00

Justice League Unlimited Intro (1080p HD)-0

Smallville Intro Season 1 HD-000:49

Smallville Intro Season 1 HD-0

Batman intro (1966)00:42

Batman intro (1966)

Wonder Woman Opening Theme Season 101:37

Wonder Woman Opening Theme Season 1



  • The Joker was killed after his second appearance in 1940. Bob Kane intended for him to stay dead but he liked the character so much he brought him back.
  • Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's first version of Superman was a bald evil scientist named Xavier.
  • In Lex Luthor's first appearance he had red hair. However Luthor going bald was a mistake made by an artist that was filling in for the Superman comics. While     drawing the comic the artist thought that Lex Luthor's bald henchman was Lex and accidentally drew him in the comic that way and it stuck.
  • Frank Sinatra wanted to play the Joker in the 1966 Batman series but the part ended up going to Cesar Romero.
  • In the country of Turkey there is a town named Batman and the mayor of the town wanted to sue Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for infringing on the royalties of the city's name.
  • Superman caused a disagreement between Albert Einstein and Isaac Asimov. Einstein said that not even Superman could move faster than the speed of light. Asimov responded by saying that Einstein's statement is based on theory and Superman's speed is based on fact.
  • Elvis Presley's hair style and jump suits were inspired by the DC hero Captain Marvel Jr. which he read as a boy.
  • Darkseid once brainwashed Superman and Big Barda and had them make a porno.        

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