Stacy Keach Jr. the voice of Carl Beaumont

Carl Beaumont was a financial planner who opperated in Gotham City. He believed that when it came to money on could not take the future for granted. For the sake of his daughter, Andrea, he became involved with the Valestra Mob. After the death of his wife, Victoria, Carl learned that nothing was more important then family and always made time for Andrea and her friends. Andrea had told her father so much about Burce Wayne that Carl thought they were already family. During Bruce and Carls first meeting they were interrupted by Valestra. Sometime later the Valestra mob learned that Carl had had stole money from them and put it into European investments. Knowing that the mob would kill him he went into hiding with his daughter. Sometime later Beaumont was able to gather the money and pay the Valestre mob back. The only person who knew where they were going was Arthur Reeves. Carl eventually paid them back however by this time the Valestra mob was interested in payment in the form of blood. In exchange for campaign favors Arthur sold out and told the Valestras where Carl was hiding. Carl was then killed by a nameless hitman

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