In 1990 Bruce W. Timm a background and character designer for the childrens show Tiny Toons was called to a meeting at Warner Bros. by the president of Warner Bros. Animation Jean MacCurdy. She said that the company was looking to develop other properties one of whitch was Batman. After the meeting Bruce Timm had Tiny Toons work he was suppose to do but he just shoved it in a corner and started drawing Batman. At the next meeting Bruce showed Jean MacCurdy the drawings of Batman and said that it was great and that it was what Batman : The Animated Series should look like. Two months later Jean MacCurdy called Bruce Timm and a background painter on Tiny Toons named Eric Radomski into her office and told them that she wanted them to make an animated short to see what Batman : The Animated series would look like. Together they made a short video and after seeing it Warner Bros. decided to go ahead with the series. The look of the show was inspired by Tim Burton's first two Batman movies Batman and Batman Returns. The show also took inspiration from the Fleischer Superman cartoons from the 1940s. To get the dark look of the show backgrounds were painted on black paper but the night sky , cars and clothing that was suppose to be black were left unpainted. When casting the part of Batman and other characters the voice director Andrea Romano looked for an actor with a voice with character. When Kevin Conroy auditioned for Batman he made his voice deeper and when the directors and producers heard him they knew he was the right choice for the voice of Batman. The series was so great that it won an Emmy Award. The show was later renamed The Adventures of Batman And Robin.
Batman The Animated Series01:00

Batman The Animated Series


Batman Animated Series - Original Pilot01:47

Batman Animated Series - Original Pilot

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